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In the past, when people thought of coworking spaces, they may have envisioned noisy, unstructured environments, full of freelancers, artists and start-ups. And while every coworking space has its own feel/style/vibe, modern spaces are much more evenly balanced. Between entrepreneurs, small businesses and employees/teams of large organizations, all looking to be invigorated by the energy and community coworking environments offer. There is no doubt that the workforce is changing to a remote, more flexible model, and demand for flexible workspace is on the rise. There are numerous benefits to working in a shared office space for both small companies and large organizations.

In this article, we’ll go over three of the main reasons why corporations are shifting towards a more flexible and adaptable work environment. 👇

Happier employees – greater workforce

The common misconception about jobs and working to make a living is that people feel that they don’t necessarily have to enjoy their work. This thought process leaves many sitting in their cubicles every day, watching the clock, while being surrounded by stressful situations and tense moments.

Many people forget that work should be enjoyable. Do all jobs come with stress and difficulties? Yes! Having a rewarding work day in an environment that improves quality of life and work-life balance should always be the goal. That’s what every employee wants, and what every employer should do their best to provide.

Having a shared space and creating a sense of community is another reason why people from traditional companies have chosen flexible workspaces. Working in this atmosphere helps you associate yourself with goal-oriented and high-achieving professionals. Finding so many experts in one environment means that networking chances are limitless. You never know who you’re going to meet to help you push your business – and yourself – forward.

Surrounding yourself with inspired and enthusiastic professionals can absolutely kick-start your own creativity and enthusiasm. You have a chance to socialize, enjoy all the facilities, and work the way you live. It can energize you to accomplish your goals, resulting in a happier, more productive day of work.

Coworking provides a new perspective

Working in the same place, encountering the same faces eight hours a day, can take a toll on your productivity. It’s human nature. To be able to come up with fresh ideas, creative people need creative environments. And large corporations, who may have historically been slow to adapt to this concept, are now utilizing flexible workspaces to manage employee engagement. For example, the use of flexible spaces as a temporary measure can help reinvigorate employees across various roles.

In addition to providing economic and personal benefits, flexible workspaces help participants succeed professionally. Being a member helps you to associate yourself with smart, driven individuals on a weekly basis. And, according to business.com, 74% of employees became more successful when joining a coworking office. 

You’ll see that coworking shapes an ecosystem of people and companies that can be incredibly diverse. You may consult with photographers, online designers, attorneys, video editors, or graphic artists, potential clients, vendors, or even business associates. You never know who you’re going to meet and who you may be able to work with.

Because you’re never alone or disconnected, you’ll become happier and more inspired. Working alone on your sofa or in a coffee shop is not the best way to work. Isolation can affect your mood and efficiency. Another major benefit of coworking spaces is the ability to socialize and meet some awesome people who have the same lifestyle as you do. Make your day more fun and efficient.

Cost Efficiency

Flexible space membership can be significantly cheaper than traditional office space. One of the main reasons for start-ups and small businesses to switch to the flexible office model is to keep costs low. But as you already know, start-up businesses and freelancers are not the only ones shifting from their traditional offices to a shared working space. Large corporations not only appreciate the manageable cost-per-head model, they also remove many of the costs and headaches associated with operating an office. This includes office network connectivity, office and appliance maintenance, food & drink purchasing, and possibly countless more. 

An all-in-one solution that allows companies to be more efficient and focus on growing their business instead of running their own office space. Managed offices remove much of your distractions and can also inspire you through conferences, seminars, and meet-up groups. For the cost of a single membership, you can have an ideal atmosphere for efficiency and professional development.

Bottom Line

One thing is for sure – coworking communities are going to do nothing but keep growing. All for the good of every person and company that uses them.

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Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.