The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping people in their houses more than ever before. As a result, online shopping and home delivery is seeing unprecedented demand and growth. With the holiday season is approaching, that demand will no doubt continue to soar, keeping mail carriers busier than ever.

Unfortunately, there is another group that will be busier than ever – criminals. Packages left unattended at our front doors are easy prey for thieves, or porch pirates, as they are called. Currently, one in four Canadians report having had a package stolen in this manner. And there is reason to believe those numbers will get worse before they get better. So, what can be done to combat porch pirates?

Protect your valuables

Fortunately, consumers have a variety of tools available to help limit this type of theft. For example, modern security systems are equipped with video surveillance features, many including motion capture and doorbell cameras. Homeowners can also purchase mail delivery lockboxes for their front porches. These boxes are only accessible by themselves and the mail carriers and come in a variety of styles. Some online retailers are even offering in-home delivery services, where the carrier actually enters your home using cloud-based door opening technology.

Virtual mailbox

Another option to ensure the successful delivery of your packages is having them sent to your virtual mailbox. For a fee, businesses and individuals get a commercial mailing address and various mail handling/receiving services. Virtual mailboxes have become an increasingly popular offering at quality coworking spaces. It can be a great way for a home-based business to build a stronger corporate identity. But even if that isn’t a priority, a virtual mailbox will ensure your mail is delivered safely and securely to a location other than your home.

Virtual mailboxes offer more flexibility than the traditional post office box. This allows small businesses to get a professional address at a fraction of the cost of office space. Virtual mailbox programs make use of technology for new mail notification via email, text or app. Mailbox holders can then request services like mail forwarding, scanning, shredding, etc. on each delivery. Plus, each mail item is scanned and stored on the premises, ensuring your items are always safe and secure.


Porch piracy is not a problem we can ignore. And theft costs all of us more at the end of the day. So consider the various options available to you to ensure safe delivery of your packages. And we welcome you to click here for more information on Sterling Spaces virtual mailbox, or contact us today at or (343) 599-0105.