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With so many new serviced offices and coworking office centers opening around the world, on a daily basis, there are options aplenty. However, with choice also comes a variety of options,  In some cases, this can cause confusion for the “New User” on which “style” of coworking space is best for them and their team. 

So, let’s look at the varying types of coworking spaces – identifying the services and benefits they all have to offer and hopefully narrowing down the choice for you and your team! 

Traditional Shared Services Offices

These fully serviced and fully furnished office spaces provide just that – everything you possibly need to run an office including a team.  Serviced Offices provide tenants with an opportunity to appear to have a full onsite team even if they are a stand-alone employee or a small company. 

Most traditional serviced offices also provide telephone and reception services.  That means, you can have a receptionist answer your calls in your company name and then have them patched through to you wherever you may be.  These services are terrific for professional services companies, lawyers and financial companies enabling them to focus on their core business. 

By having a full support and service team on hand, but not on your full-time payroll saves you money and time.  Its been the best-kept secret since the late ’60s.

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  • Onsite Management team and support services 
  • Onsite reception services 
  • Mail collection, scanning and additional admin services to help with all needs from basic printing and scanning to concierge services
  • Fully fitted offices- typically fully furnished, high-end technology, cleaning and electricity and generally plug and play environments to help tenants focus on what matters most – their business. 
  • Variation of meeting, training and common areas
  • Variation of private office sizes from small 1 person offices to large team spaces
  • Flexible contracts and little capital costs 
  • Kitchen areas which typically offer coffee, tea and water to tenants and or storage for the client snacks and lunches.


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Collaborative spaces were established in the financial downturn in late 2006 / 07 when the coworking movement gained traction.  While collaborative or multi-tenanted environments had been around for almost 3 decades by this time, Collaboration at its core surfaced when many found themselves building their business networks during this tumultuous time. 

Coworking is terrific if you are productive in an open desk environment. These workspaces promote many options for the consumer – part-time / fulltime / flexible and dedicated desk options feature a strong emphasis on community and innovation. But be mindful of others in this working style.  People still like to be productive.  

While largely promoted as a Freelancers and Entrepreneurial haven, coworking has attracted many large corporations and Fortune 500’s as satellite workstations it is a huge draw in the attraction and retention of top young talent.

  • Major flexibility – short terms leases from 1 month to 12 months, flexible desk arrangements from 1 desk to full teams
  • Interaction and community 
  • Funky vibe – often have a comfortable seating area, relaxation and game rooms, and patios
  • Amenities – beverages and snacks on hand for extra socializing during and after the workday
  • Networking and community 
  • Printing rooms Additional storage like lockers and bike rooms 

The Fusion

The best of both worlds. A fusion of the traditional serviced office and coworking space offers tenants private offices, open coworking spaces, collaborative areas, quiet rooms, event space and additional amenities. 

  • Ability to have a private space or a coworking desk.
  • Flexibility 
  • Amenities that go above and beyond – workshops, events, lockers, end of trip facilities
  • Community and networking
  • Variety of space options – clients and businesses can grow organically from 1 person to double-digit teams 
  • Like-minded people 
  • Onsite staff – admin services and concierge services 
  • Fully furnished, plug and play environment 

As we see more and more hybrid locations appear in the market place – there really is an option for all workstyles. 

At Sterling Spaces, we offer private Offices, Meeting rooms and coworking options to ensure we have all your bases covered for the way you want to work.  

Contact us at hello@wp-sterlingspaces-ca.msgsndr.com, stop in for a personal tour. You may also book a virtual tour by clicking here.

Main Coworking Photo by Shridhar Gupta on Unsplash