Effective February 26, 2024, Please visit us at 511 Lacolle Way, Orleans, ON K4A 5B6

About us

Our team is dedicated to making your days enjoyable and productive. Whether it is to exchange ideas over coffee or to help you develop your business plan, our team is always available!

Our Story

Sterling Spaces is the product of an entrepreneurial journey. Founder Kevin Sterling, a life-long entrepreneur and over the years a user of various office spaces and flexible workspaces, decided to create an environment to support emerging local businesses and dedicated professionals that would capture all the best parts of the workday experience. The result is a space that provides comfort, collaboration, community and productivity, while also remaining flexible and affordable for its members.
At Sterling Spaces, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a suite of offerings to members at every stage of the business lifecycle. Our coworking and virtual office solutions are ideal for the entrepreneur in the start-up stages, while our premium offices and conference rooms can support larger teams and multiple lines of business. So, whether you are a start-up, an established entrepreneur, an investor immigrating to North America or a self-employed professional, we have a place for you in our curated community!