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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner on a desperate quest for an impressive, professional, physical address for your company? Are you ready to find the ideal shared office space to improve your professional identity? Or are you just exhausted from the daily commute between work and home?

We understand. You’re busy. Oftentimes, you are stressed too. Your productivity is falling and your day starts and ends in a stressful state. Think about it: if you’re stressed, exhausted, or sick, how likely are you to be able to focus on your job? For example, if your productivity is decreasing as your commuting time increases, clearly there’s a problem. 

Everyone enjoys their sleep. Some days, just getting out of bed can be a real challenge. Often even more challenging when working from home, as motivation can begin to lag. Having a work environment can help get you out of bed in the morning and keep your focus on what matters most.

Do any of these sound like you? If so, it may be time for a change of scenery; a fresh outlook. And we have the solution for you. 

What is Sterling Spaces?

Sterling Spaces is Ottawa’s premium flexible work, meeting and virtual office space. Our east end space boasts 4,700 sq. ft. of coworking hot desks, private offices and executive meeting rooms to serve its growing membership of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. We strongly believe that working among people from various industries and backgrounds can help shape and reinforce one’s own working identity. 

First, unlike a conventional workplace, our coworking spaces are composed of participants working for a variety of different businesses, initiatives, and projects. Since there is no direct competition or internal politics involved, we don’t feel we need to put on a working persona to fit in. This type of workplace provides many advantages, with an atmosphere full of hardworking and committed professionals in all branches of industry. It can be inspiring and energizing to interact with a diverse, creative community.

At Sterling Spaces you’ll find a coworking space built to experience culture, cooperation, learning, and sustainability. In our space, you will not only have a great place to work, but you’ll also benefit from daily WiFi access, complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water, free parking for your car or bicycle, and access to a number of other physical and virtual amenities. Plus, the ability to bring your work and personal life geographically closer together can be a huge benefit and sustain the lifestyle you’ve always craved.

How can you benefit?

Working from home sometimes induces a feeling of isolation. At Sterling Spaces, you can put an end to this sense of separation once and for all. You’ll work with a group of like-minded, focused professionals, and have the ability to make them part of your support network. Ultimately, the level of participation is of course up to you, but you can no doubt benefit from the positive energy your fellow members bring each day.

A coworking space offers you the ability to work across the desk (at a safe distance, of course) from someone with a skill set that is totally different from yours. Bringing together different ways of thinking and different points of view can be engrossing to your professional journey. Coworker motivation will help break through the roadblocks and just like that, the project you’ve been working on for months is solved! This could be the ideal move to get out of your comfort zone. 

Find your happiness

Getting out of your comfort zone could be the perfect strategy for your business. Working in the right coworking space can provide the inspiration and enthusiasm you’ve been looking for. You’ll have the chance to socialize, to enjoy everything the facility has to offer, and to work the way you live. This can significantly boost morale and your sense of ambition, contributing to a happier working day! 

When it comes to nurturing our culture, we’re all about the human aspect. We make ourselves as much a hospitality company as we do a supplier of workspace. Our front line staff knows all of our members, by name and occupation, in their respective places, and we are actively initiating introductions between members.

Final note

Sterling Spaces is a coworking company centred on developing new, skilled, and vibrant work environments to improve entrepreneurial companies and their teams’ innovation and productivity. Whether you’re an independent freelancer or work within a company and you’re looking for new ways to reinvigorate your co-workers, employees and brand with a modern coworking space like Sterling Spaces, then you’re in the right place. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and arrange an in-person tour of our facilities or a quick phone call.