The concept and business of coworking as we know it today first appeared around 2005. 15 years later, more than 14,000 coworking spaces now operate worldwide. Earlier iterations aimed to provide services mainly geared towards entrepreneurs and telecommuters. Today’s coworking spaces are capable of serving the professional needs of all types of employees and all sizes of organizations.

Some employers use flexible workspaces to house employees located in remote locations, relieving them of long commutes. This helps the company control long-term leasing or rental costs. Smaller enterprises are more likely to operate completely from coworking spaces. With uncertain headcount and ever-changing business growth projections, the versatility coworking offers can be particularly attractive to emerging companies.

Perhaps more importantly is how coworking spaces can enhance employee morale. In these smart, modern offices, workers relate more positively towards their employers. The perception of customers, coworkers and competitors will also tend to be positive, as they see the employer as empathetic to the employee’s quality of life. When the work environment aligns with the core values of an organization, success is that much more likely to follow.

There is value to businesses of all sizes in having an actual, physical workplace. Working from the home office or a coffee shop can be great, but is it sending the right message? Right or wrong, the workplace from which you operate can be a sign of legitimacy. 

A more valuable and satisfying work day

Besides the actual work and daily tasks, coworkers find great satisfaction in having a professional workspace. There can be a greater sense of responsibility and accountability in delivering high quality results. Earning the independence that the coworking environment provides. This is achieved in a number of ways. 

Firstly, coworking spaces are typically made up of members with varied and diverse backgrounds, unlike a traditional office. Different companies, roles, projects – even cultures. And because there is no direct rivalry or internal politics, there is less pressure to blend in or conform. This individuality promotes creativity and, ultimately, a more satisfying work day.

Second, satisfaction in one’s work comes from working in a culture where collaboration is encouraged. With a varied group of members, coworkers can lean on their expertise and professional experience. When you engage with people doing different types of work can also make your work identity sharper and more valuable.

Lastly, being part of a coworking movement that values community, collaboration, cost savings and sustainability can be a big draw. These values are reinforced at the annual Global Coworking UnConference. In many cases, it’s not just about a place to work. It’s about being part of something that matters.

You’re in control

We all work differently. That includes the time of day in which we are at our most productive. Most coworking spaces provide after-hours or 24/7 access memberships, so workers can easily manage any schedule requirements. Need to pull an all-nighter? Or de-stress with the occasional three-hour lunch? It’s entirely in your hands.

Coworkers undoubtedly value this autonomy, but they also appreciate the structure. Too much autonomy can cripple productivity and a little routine is always good.

Grow into an integral part of a culture

Connecting with others is a major reason why people seek out coworking spaces. Working from home or renting office space can lead to feelings of isolation. Every coworking space has its own aura. And a good community manager goes to great lengths to create a coworking atmosphere that works for its members and events that will augment one’s professional goals.

Importantly, socializing also isn’t for everyone, so members want to choose when/if/how to interact. People want to work comfortably, with purpose and meaning. Control and flexibility in their work environment is key. So the combination of a well-designed work environment and a pleasant work experience is critical.

Final Note

What works for one person wont necessarily work for another. We each have our own vision, wants and needs. No matter what your professional needs are, flexibility is at the heart of coworking. Make sure your space fits your team, company, clients or creative pursuits.

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Main Coworking Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash.